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Grappling Championship 2018

Jerome Hoyte of Lionsden pulls off a flying armbar

Grappling Championship 2018

The Youth Grappling Nationals was fiercely contested between teams R.O.C.K, Budokai-Do and Kan Kai Bujutsu for the medal haul. Team Kan Kai Bujutsu show their dominance by taking the overhaul medal count.

Girls’ 6 YRS (45 – 55 LBS)

1st Mahala David                                 Kan Kai Bujutsu

2nd Philicia Dash                                 R.O.C.K


Boys 6 -7 (40 -45 LBS)                                                                     Boys 6 -7 (46 – 45 LBS)                                  

1st Daniel Linton                                R.O.CK                    1st Kaiden Mason-Riley  Kan Kai Bujutsu

2nd Takai Brathwaite                             Budokai Do            2nd Nathan Branch   BudokaiDo        

                                                                                                3rd Tykaira Sargeant        R.O.C.K


Boys 6 -7 YRS ( 55 LBS)                                                          Boys 6 – 7 YRS (60 – 65 LBS)                                       

1st Aarod Sargeant                           Kan Kai Jutsu            1st Keman Maynard         Budokai Do

2nd Tremari Brathwaite                  Budokai Do                  2nd Kaiden Forde              Budokai Do


Boys 7 – 8 (7o LBS)                                                                  Boys 8 -10 (60 – 65 LBS)

1st Mekhi Harris-Herbert               Kan Kai Jutsu                1st Tarryan Alleyne   Kan Kai Bujutsu

2nd Aiden Narine                               Budokai Do               2nd Samuel Humphrey    Budokai Do


Girls 9 – 10 YRS (60 – 70 LBS)                                                      Boys 9 -11 (70 – 75 LBS)

1st Raziya Harris                Kan Kai                                        1st Nikolai Clarke        Kan Kai Bujutsu

2nd Gabrielle David           Budokai-Do                                  2nd Achebe Smith  Budokai-Do


Boys 10 -11 YRS (80 -84 LBS)                                                       Girls 10 -11 YRS (80 – 90 LBS)

1st Nikolas Ward                Kan Kai Bujutsu                          1st Sky Lavine-Hinds   Kan Kai Bujutsu

2nd Malik Weeks               R.O.CK.                                          2nd Amia Evelyn               Budokai-Do


 Boys 10 -11 YRS (85 LBS)                                                             Boys 9 -11 (90 -100 LBS)

1st Akeel Adams               Budokai Do                                    1st Namari Skeete        Kan Kai Bujutsu

2nd Yeshua Cooke            R.O.C.K                                            2nd Omari Holder             Budokai Do

                                                                                                      3rd David Humphrey       R.O.CK.


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The Barbados Wrestling Association (BWA) was founded in May 2008 with the sole mission, to organize, excite and inspire athletes to achieve success at the Olympic Games. Over the years we have contiouosly provided competition in three wrestling disciplines, FREESTYLE, BEACH & SUBMISSION (No-Gi) for both children and adults alike. The BWA has since set its goal of delivering the perfect tournament experience for each competitor, making our tournements, one to not miss. 

Standards of Competition

Straight from the source - The inside recap of BWA hosted events

The 2014 tournament season for B.W.A  is now complete. Last Year we hosted the 2014 National Junior Wrestling Tournament, along with the adult and junior Grappling Tournament in March at the annual Bridgetown Burning. We have invited Timothy McGuire from the University of Chicago USA to host an Olympic Wrestling Seminar/ Workshop last September at the Barbados Oympic Association headquarters and we are happy to announce Tim will be back in July 2015 to attend a solidarity wrestling course for coaches, which will be held in Barbados from July 16 through 26. The course will last for ten (10) day. We also ended 2014 year off with a bang with Jake Clark a member of the USA Wrestling team, UFC athlete at UFC gym BJ Penn. Hosted a remarkable learning seminar/ workshop for all interested athletes on the island on December the 31th 2014.The upcoming 2015 tournament season will see us revisiting the same great locations as well as expanding into new markets such as the Caribbean Grappling Championships which is schedule for November 07th 2015.





Most recent footage

Jake Clark(left) with one of B.W.A assistant coach Jerome Hoyte(right)

Jake Clark(left) with one of B.W.A assistant coach Jerome Hoyte(right)

Jake Clark(left) with one of B.W.A assistant coach Jerome Hoyte(right)



Our desire to provide and deliver quality training from the top coaches arround the world. Coaches from England, Switzerland, Canada, USA (Chicago, Hawaii), World and European Champions from various disciplines have assisted in the development of the locals. Special training courses for coaches were done in Mexico, Venezuela and Barbados.

The B.W.A Difference

- Unsurpassed customer service.

- No guessing where and when you compete.

- Professional qualified referees and staff.

- Custom mats are sanitized regularly before and after every tournament to prohibit staff infection and ringworm.

- Clean sanitary venues that reflect the highest quality standards.

- Large professional digital score/timers for easy viewing of score and match times.


" I promise that the competitor and the spectator will experience a new standard in competitive submission grappling tournaments that is unmatched in the industry "

Jake Clark(left) with one of B.W.A assistant coach Jerome Hoyte(right)


We are located at St. Winifred's School,University of the West Indies, Trents Community Centre. To train at our locations please contact us.

The BWA will be hosting the first reginal No Gi Grappling Tournement in the Caribbean.

The Barbados Wrestling Assocation is the prime coordinator and host of some of the best BJJ tournament circuit by on the island and we are branching out to all of the neighboring countries across the region for our NEW ANNUAL upcoming Grappling Tournement on NOVEMBER THE 7TH 2015 in BARBADOS. 


We always look to improve. Check out what’s coming for 2015:


  • New mats! 24′ x 24′ mats for more competition space

  • Minimum of 2 matches for kids divisions

  • New style medals


If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ page or our Contact Us form.

Frequently Asked Question

How much are spectator tickets?

Spectator tickets are $10 per person. Children 5 years and under are free.