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Nov 2019


70kg Matches. Beach ranking series

Wrestling News

August 2019


70kg Matches. Beach ranking series

# 2 Thadius Yearwood

#3 Deshon Skeete 

#1 Lemar Tull


The first in the round robin series of United World Wrestling Beach Wrestling sport took place at Browne’s beach, Bay Street – the hub for beach wrestling on August 25, 2019 in the Men 70Kg in steaming hot conditions and was viewed by many Sunday beach bathers.

The object of the series is to sensitize the public to the sport and selectBarbados National Team in the various weight divisions for participation in 2020 Pan American Beach Wrestling Championship slated for May 29 – 31, 2019 in Bridgetown, Barbados. Beach wrestling matches are 3 minutes in duration because of the sand and sun conditions on the athlete.

Round 1

In match #1, 18 year old 2018 Pan American Freestyle Wrestling Cadet Deshon Skeete of the Barbados Learning Centre went under to the older Thadius Yearwood. Yearwood out point his skilled opponent with push outs and takedowns to by 3 points to 1. In match #2, the flamboyant Kobe Bowen loss to reigning 70 Kg champion Lemar Tull by 2 point after the score was even at 1-1. Tull used his superb conditioning and tactical skills to get Bowen out of the circle.


Round 2

Match #3, Tull quickly dominated his team mate of the Sanda Club to win by technical superiority – 3-0 with excellent one point takedowns and tactical push outs within the 3 minute time limit. After his first round match, the lanky Skeete seems to have found his groove to rout Bowen 3-0 in match #4,


Round 3

In this round the action got hotter as the athletes realised their goal was to be the #1 player in the 70Kg and showed some fire-works and indomitable spirit. Yearwood made light work of the tiring Bowen with single leg and upper body push-outs to win 3-0, while in match #6 Skeete was unable to stave of Tull double leg attack which was chained into high altitude throw that value 3 points to end the match in 30 seconds.


Round 4

With Tull on 7000 ranking points and Yearwood on 5000 ranking points, they both went to the wrestle off with Yearwood needed a big throw to collect 3000 points to take the #1 70 KG Ranking position, however he came up short with Tull getting a quick a ‘back exposure’ on him for 3 points to win the match in 20 second

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opening ceremony

With over 200 spectators and

5 countries participating this has been the biggest beach wrestling competition in the whole Caribbean. Beach Wrestling is a fast growing sport in the island of Barbados with over 60 local competitors.

Barbados is the ideal spot for the best beach Wrestling with its crystal clear waters, white sands and sunny weather all year round. See you in Barbados 2019 BiiG Beach!


Men 96kg-Barbados Ruben Wilshire

vs Haiti Asan Castani

Barbados Andre Howard vs Bolivia Cristian Nova Roca

El Savador vs Barbados Jerome Hoyte

Men 87kg-Barbados Francois Perez

vs Anthony Joseph Trinidad & Tobago

Men 100kg-Barbados Rico Hurley

vs Suriname Marciano Sang

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3rd Edition of Barbados Freestyle Wrestling Cup

Pirates Cove. This competition is held in conjunction with the BiiG Beach International Wrestling Cup.

Cristian Nova Roca of El Salvador vs Jerome Hoyte of Barbados - Freestyle - The event was held on November 3rd 2018

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Wrestling Seminar October

Professor Julio Mendieta Cuellar of Cuba

The Republic of Cuba a world leader in sports science and pedagogy and the Association of Cuba has agree to help the Barbados Wrestling Association with its wrestling development of coaches, athletes and sport administrators. The first phase began in April 2017 with primary school athletes training and competing in Camagüey, Cuba.

The Barbados Wrestling Association is continuing with its development program by hosting an intensive workshop and training seminar with Cuba Olympic Head Wrestling Coach - Professor Julio Mendieta Cuellar of Habana, Cuba.
We are a kindly asking coaches, clubs and athletes to support this valuable learning opportunity with your attendances and participations in the workshops and seminars. The registration fee is $50 BDS individually /$350.00 BDS (ceiling limit for clubs). Deadline date August 20, 201



Cuban Olympic Gold Medalist Yandro Quintana arrives for Barbados Beach Wrestling Cup 2018. Thank you Minister John King for going all out in making Yandro's trip a reality at the 11th hour

HAITI                                                              JAMICA

Haiti Rio Olympian Asange Castelly will be Barbados to participate in the Barbados Beach Wrestling Cup at Pirates Cove Beach on Nov 3 & 4, 2018

Jamaica Wrestling team in the Wrestling Championships here in Budapest, coach Mexican, athletes Cubans, manger Mexican..qualifier for 2020 Olympics....can't get a bajan passport for our Cuba/Bajan to travel out of Barbados

Freestyle Wrestling Championship 2018

Recent News


April 2018

Wrestling in Bim

19th Bridgetown Burning BWA 

The 19th edition of the Bridgetown Burning Gala was powered by the Barbados Wrestling Association at the beautiful citadel of Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two Mile Hill, St. Michael. The regional gala attracted two hundred and eight (208) athletes (31 were regional) from Trinidad and Tobago, Martinique and host country Barbados in the various disciplines of Wrestling sports, This year’s edition patron surpassed the estimated room requirement which resulted in another room being open to accommodate the overflow. Management of the L.E.S.C has noted that our event have out grown our provided area and that in the future we will have to book conference rooms for our event.

Ball Wrestling & Freestyle Wrestling Primary School Nationals,

Greco-Roman Wrestling,

Youth Grappling Nationals

and Seniors Freestyle Submission Grappling Open attracted eighty (80) athletes between the ages of 5 and 49 years old and was a hive of continuous action much to the delight of the appreciated audience. The Ball wrestling a program of the Barbados Wrestling Association is an innovative program to introduce the sport of wrestling to the grassroots prove to be a crowd favourite as the little ones tug and roll their way on the mat while having fun and being competitive.

 What was noticeable among the wrestling the sports was the inclusion of Muslim girls and special children. The Primary school league had representation from Will’s Primary School, St. Silas Primary School, St. Winifred’s School, St. Gabriel’s School, Barbados Learning Centre, Al Falal Muslim School, Gordon Greenidge Primary School and St. Mathias Primary School. Match of Day to Shanniya Ford - she defeated national champion Rebecca Williams by taking the last action scoring in the match 2-2 to win in the girls – under 12. The Barbados Wrestling Association sponsored a number of economical challenge athletes to have the opportunity to participate in this gala.


The Barbados Wrestling Association thank our stakeholders – Barbados Nation News, the general public, UWI credit union, Nova Scotia Insurance, R3 Supply Stream Inc., Ryan Brathwaite of the Barbados Olympic Association Inc., Mr Beckles (BOA transport), officials, Friends of Wrestling (volunteers), Management of Lloyd Erskine Sandiord Centre, Al Hikam Schools of Trinidad & Tobago, Regional Organization of Combat Karate, Budokai Do Inc., member clubs of the Barbados Wrestling Association, Allamby’s Black Tiger Kempo-Karate Schools, Jordan/Hackette Kempo-Karate School, Sanda Barbados League, Forte Corp, Philip’s Taekwondo Academy, Martinique Taekwondo, Boxe Muay Thai Martinique, Strike Force Gym, Cave Hill Security Service Fight Club, Kan Kai Bujutsu, Black Hawks International and Medic – Dr Latoya Arthur,  for helping to meet and sharing our financial burden in bring this event to fruition.