Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

I do not hear my name being called. Why was I disqualified?

After you weigh in, you are instructed to wait in a designated area until your name is called. You should be prepared to compete as soon as your name is called.


We will attempt to call your name several times before you are disqualified. However, if you do not answer when called after repeated attempts, we will be forced to continue without you.

Is there a Division for me?

There are divisions for all ages and all skill levels. No-GI divisions are divided by age, weight and experience. Weight and age divisions are listed below.

Do I need to wear shoes at all times?

In an attempt to keep our competition surface clean as possible at all times, we request that all competitors wear some form of sort of footwear when they are not actively competing. if a competitor is caught barefoot, they will be immediately disqualified.

When does the Schedule come out?

The schedule is typically ready the Friday before the tournament. It will be posted on our event page on the website, on our FaceBook page, and sent out to all the competitors via email.

Check in  Questions

Im a competitor. How do I check in?

When you first arrive at the venue, before you are able to enter the competition area, you will be required to check in. At the table, simply tell the BWA staff member your first and last name. The staff member will check your name on the competitor list and give you your wristband and weight card (if applicable). This is also where you can claim or purchase additional spectator tickets.

How much are spectator tickets?

Spectator tickets are $20 per person. Children 6 years and under are free.

I am a coach. How do i check in?

Each team that is registered is allowed 2 free coach passes. When entering the venue, please look for the sign designating which check in table is for coaches. Tell the BWA staff that you are a coach and for which team. The staff member will give you a form to complete that gives us some information about your team.

Registration  Questions

How do I make changes to my registration?

Send us an email with the corrections.  It only takes a few minutes to change, and we typically will respond within a few hours.  If you need to change your weight class or anything that affects the brackets, make sure you do so before that tournament’s late registration deadline.

I missed the late registration Deadline. Can I still register?

In many cases we still allow registrations after the late registration deadline. Each situation is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us by phone at (126) 000-0000 and we can discuss your registration options.

I do not have a credit card, will you accept cash?

In most cases, the answer is yes. You will need to register first and skip the payment portion of the registration. Then contact us and explain your situation. We will manually approve your registration and collect payment when you check in.

What Happens if I pre-register but unable to compete?

If a competitor gets injured or has an issue where they cannot compete, their entry fee is not forfeited. We offer that competitor the option of using the unused registration towards a future BWA event. The fee can be put towards any event and does not expire. You will need to contact the BWA to notify them that you are not competing so the necessary paperwork can be completed.

i'm a black belt and want to compete. What do I do?

If you are a black belt and want to compete in one of our divisions offering a cash prize, then you will be required to register and pay.

Can I register the day of the event?

No. We only allow registrations within certain dates. This allows us proper time to set brackets and schedule to help us run a more efficient tournament.

Uniform  Questions

Do you need to wear a ranked rash guard?

No.  You can wear any color rash guard you like.

What are you no gi uniform requirements ?

No gi competitors must wear shorts and a rash guard when competing.  Rash guards can be any color and can be sleeveless.  Shorts cannot have pockets or metal grommets.

Will a gi be allow. If competor is not trained in no gi ?


Weigh in  Questions

When do I weigh in?

When we release the schedule, we also post the weigh in times for each division. You will need to report to the weigh in table at your designated time for weigh ins.

I'm competing in 2 division. Do I need to weigh in twice ?

When we release the schedule, your division is assigned a weigh in time. At the designated weigh in time, you will need to report to the weigh in table. The weigh in coordinator will ask you for your name and check to be sure you are scheduled to weigh in at this time. If you are scheduled to weigh in, the coordinator will check your weight. If you successfully make weight, then your weight will be noted on the card and your division will be checked. You will be instructed to keep your card with you and wait in a designated area for your name to be called.


When it is time for you to weigh in again, simply present the weight card to the weigh in table coordinator. If you successfully made weight the first time, then you will be instructed to wait in the designated area again.

What happens if i'm under the weight in class?

You are fine. The weight class is the maximum weight you can weigh for that division.

What happens if i'm over the weight in limit?

If you are over the maximum weight limit for that division, you will be disqualified and unable to compete in that division. Kids 14 and under are given a 1 lb allowance.


It is advised that when registering you select a weight class that you are capable of making. If registration is still open, then you are able to contact us and request changes to your registration.

If i weigh in the night before do I have to weigh in again?

Once you weigh-in and approve your weight, it will be documented on your registration card and you are all set.