The Barbados wrestling is on a rise due to the professional and deicated staff at the Barbados Wrestling Association (BWA) and the passion that hass filtered down to its wrestlers. This passion is contragious and can be instrumental in finding and keeping new wrestlers of all ages.Increasing the number of athletes involved in wrestling in their training are the keys to future success and competitiveness at the international level.

The guys I worked with have proved they are up to the challenge. BWA'S team is skilled and always looking for ways to improve and I am proud to have worked with them. Wrestling can be the most fuliffling thing that you ever do in you life, but it takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication.

Be a Champion, be Barbados trained.

-Tim McGuire, Chicago, IL-

Assistant Wrestling Coach, Univeristy of Chicago


Overall these past couple of months training with the Barbados Wresting Association has been a wonderful experience for me. During these past months I've gain tremendous amount of knowledge from workshops and classes. The workshops are very educational and well organized and I would invite anyone to come and take part in them.

- Rashaad Bryan, Barbados- 

Red Belt in Taekwondo,

Teaches the Children's classes at Barbados Taekwon-Do Federation